23 Feb 2013

Green Party conference - I missed it

The Green Party celebrates its 40th birthday this weekend and conference opened yesterday at Nottingham’s East Midlands Conference Centre...a number of local Greens have travelled up there...I had planned to be there too but various reasons made it difficult this time......I found myself off at short notice to Ross-on-Wye yesterday afternoon for a family thing...then this morning I was meant to be tree-planting in Cashes Green and found when I got there it had been cancelled and was too late by then to join the Farmers Market award ceremony as best Farmers Market in the country.....but enough of that I've been catching up this evening on conference speeches online...

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett's gave a down to earth, spin-free speech (transcript and films here)......with of course familiar Green Party slogan's like “Jobs-rich, low carbon economy”.....

“Another group saying “no more” to great effect is UK Uncut. I’m sure many people in this room took part in their action against Starbucks, the fast growing but mysteriously totally unprofitable coffee chain that infests our high streets like a particularly pernicious weed.”

But sadly, mysteriously, one group that isn’t saying “no more” is the Labour Party.

“Well, maybe it isn’t so mysterious…. They’re only offering more of the same that we had for 13 years under Blair and Brown.” "....there’s another, tragic, anniversary I have to highlight – a 10-year anniversary. For it is a little more than 10 years since the great, 2-million strong anti-war protest took to the streets of London, and a little less than 10 years since the Labour Government utterly ignored the views of those people, and millions of others, and started the Iraq war." Ed Miliband's failure “to apologise for the decision to take Britain into an unjustifiable war.”

There are more YouTubes coming online of speeches by Peter Tatchell, Deputy Green Party leader Will Duckworth, Jason Kitcat (Brighton and Hove Councils' Green Leader) and more.

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