18 Feb 2013

Fix It For Free Workshop

On Sunday 3rd March there is a different kind of workshop. Based on the Repair Café  Movement in Holland, the aim is to fix or repair any garment or electrical/mechanical device you can get to the café – for free! Hosted by Kelly Pitt of the Black Book Café, there will be experienced engineers and sewing/machining volunteers from Transition Stroud to try to fix whatever you bring. You get it fixed (hopefully)  - and for free, the planet benefits as you don’t have to buy a new one and we all have a relaxing time over a coffee at your local café. See also the film on Stroud Community TV with more info about the Transition Stroud Skills Gain group here.

Time: 1.30pm to 4. 00 pm
Venue: Black Book Café, Nelson Street, Stroud
Cost: Just buy a cup of coffee!

Best to book a slot to let us know if you have clothes to be mended, or mechanical/electrical goods to be fixed.  So e mail: erik.w(at)virgin.net - or ring 07725 900666

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