27 Jan 2013

UK isolated more than ever on Robin Hood Tax

At last the Robin Hood Tax campaign seems to be having success - this week, the European Union agreed that 11 European countries – including the biggest economies Germany and France – can set up a financial transaction tax to make the banks pay for the financial crisis they created. The UK was the only big economy to abstain – leaving Prime Minister David Cameron more isolated than ever. This tax could raise an incredible £30 billion every year from one of the richest sectors of the economy. It’ll cover bonds, shares and derivatives – and change millions of lives. See more at: http://robinhoodtax.org.uk/

I've also been asked what Greens view is on Europe - well Leader Natalie Bennett wrote this article here. Basically we stand for "Three Yeses - yes to a referendum, yes to major EU reform and yes to staying in a reformed Europe".

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