25 Jan 2013

Paint a fish to restore EU fish stocks!

The way we fish now is unsustainable. Overfishing in Europe not only puts the survival of many fish species in jeopardy, it costs EU economies 1,800 million euros each year. If we managed our stocks better we could ensure a sustainable supply of fish for future generations, and create more and better jobs for fishermen.

nef has spent the last few years working with campaigners, NGOs and the fishing industry to show that sustainable fishing makes economic and environmental sense. Now they need your help to send a strong message that European citizens want reform of fishing policy. See more at: http://www.paintafish.org/

Next month there will be a crucial vote in the European parliament. Politicians in Brussels will decide whether we let fish stocks recover or decline. We can't make the right decision for them, but we can show them we want to preserve our oceans for future generations. That's why nef teamed up with schools and other organisations across Europe to create a virtual fish stock on our Paint a Fish website. I was the second person in Stroud to sign up - yes I know it's aimed at kids but it was fun to do!!

By painting a fish now, you too can add your voice to calls to end overfishing. The fish will be sent to European politicians ahead of the vote to remind them what is at stake. The more fish pictures we collect, the bigger the stock and the louder our message will be. Every fish counts!

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