21 Jan 2013

Chickens and rats....?

You may have seen the letter in the local press regarding the District Council charging for dealing with rat infestations when there are chickens...this does seem unfair on one level so I spoke with officers....

Basically increasingly local authorities are charging for the treatment of rats in domestic properties. It seems Stroud District are now the only Council in Gloucestershire that continues to provide a free treatment service for rats. The Council has resisted introducing a charge for the service in recognition of the public health significance of rat infestations. However they have always had a policy of making a charge where livestock is kept including chickens.

Keeping chickens does attract rats and this is borne out by the experience of the pest officers. The admin staff make it clear during the  initial request that there will be a charge in domestic premises where chickens are kept. Of course there are sometimes other issues - for example if waste land is part of the problem then there are powers under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act to take action where appropriate through the service of statutory notices.

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kekahanow said...

Rats love to eat.

If your feed for your chickens are accessible, the rats will come.

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Check out the design and how it works. You will love it too. Rats don't though.
They will have to go somewhere else to get their food.