17 Dec 2012

Temporary cabin for Randwick/Ruscombe chicken 'farm'

Gold Laced Orpington
I have been asked by local residents to publicise the following application: 'S.12/2365/FUL  Land At The Lane, Randwick, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Application for the Erection of a Temporary Agricultural Worker's Dwelling.'

Indeed I have been approached by a fair few local residents on this issue and it was also the topic of a lively discussion at last Thursdays' Parish Council meeting. It may well feature at Randwick Parish Council's this Thursday as well. Concerns are about the three-bed two-storey temporary building/cabin and the accompanying proposals for a chicken farm with the wonderful Gold Laced Orpingtons.

I personally welcome the consideration of new sustainable agricultural businesses in the area; indeed have been supportive of encouraging such businesses. However this application while it has some merit, does in my view, run contrary to our policies and I therefore, will be joining Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council, in objecting to the application.

I would urge others to consider this application and comment if they wish. It is important to note the application will be considered on planning grounds not on other issues. Put the application number above into the search box to view details: http://www.stroud.gov.uk/PLO/Default.aspx

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Anonymous said...

I note permission has been refused