26 Nov 2012

International Cuisine at the More Hall Convent Winter Fair.

Here is news on next Sunday's Fair at More Hall...
 This year, the staff and residents of More Hall Care Home will be holding a Winter Fair on the afternoon of Sunday, 2nd December. This is an opportunity to visit the Hall, meet the staff and residents and, at the same time, buy something from the selection of  cakes, hand made Christmas cards, decorations and presents. You can also have a drink and a scone or cake while you listen to the seasonal and other music.
Highlights of the catering will be a range of National Cakes and sweetmeats on sale made by nationals and residents of the countries including  Holland, India, Japan, Zimbabwe, Morocco and, of course, Great Britain. No event at More Hall would be complete without a copious supply of vegetarian Samosas made by the Sisters themselves.
The goods on sale include Character Bears with the JB label – next centuries Steiff’s!. A wide range of Christmas tree and other decorations, hand made Christmas cards – also reflecting the international nature of the event.
The music will be performed by two groups of the Friends of More Hall and will range from traditional songs, through music hall to four part harmony and will be performed continuously during the afternoon. Also for your entertainment, Father Christmas will be there with merry Ho-Ho-Ho and a sack of Lucky Dip presents.
More Hall Convent is on the Cashes Green Road in Townsend, on the right as you turn towards Humphreys End. The Fair runs from 2 pm until 5 pm on Sunday, 2nd December.

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