24 Nov 2012

Gladman survey not from SDC

Russ cartoon re Baxter's Field
It seems some folks in Randwick locally have been asked to complete the Gladman housing survey - below is press release from the Council that explains it is not a District Council survey....indeed Baxter's Field is a very bad site for development - folks might well have seen opposition to this development in SNJ - see here. Another factor not mentioned in the article is that more housing there means more run off and more likely flooding downstream....

PRESS RELEASE: Gladman Housing Survey NOT from Stroud District Council

Property developers Gladman, the promoters of a controversial housing scheme at Baxter's Field in the Slad Valley, have sent out several hundred survey forms to households in and around Stroud asking for opinions on the Stroud District housing needs.

Stroud District Council wish to make it clear that they were not consulted on this survey and do not endorse it. It is understood that any information collected will primarily be used by Gladman to promote their proposed site off Summer Street in Stroud and other sites in the vicinity.

Philip Skill, Head of Planning said: "Whilst we would encourage developers to engage with the public, it is unfortunate that the format of the questionnaire may suggest that it is an official survey of the council; it is not. If residents wish to participate, they should be aware that their individual views will not be shared the council, but may be used to justify unplanned development not only on Summer Street but also Rodborough and further afield."

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