22 Nov 2012

GCC on flue cleaning and badgers

Wow what a day yesterday - poor folk travelling - I gave up trying to get to Gloucester with 18 inches of water on the road at Tuffley, but this evening did manage to get to Cheltenham ....anyway I just got copied in this press notice after the Glos County Council  meeting and wanted to share:
  • In response to questions from Cllr Sarah Lunnon (Green, Stroud East) the Waste Champion failed to assure council that the technology to clean the flue gas from the proposed EfW plant at Javelin Park will provide the cleanest emissions possible. Cllr Lunnon said “it is unsatisfactory that UBB have indicated that better flue cleaning technology exists but is not being proposed for Javelin Park but the Rubbish Champion indicates that the best available technology has been chosen. My suspicion is that it all comes down to cost and the extra energy requirement needed to provide cleaner emissions.  The HPA is investigating the Health Impacts of Incineration, why is Cllr Waddington in accepting this technology enabling the perception that he and the administration are contributing to the pollution load borne by those living or working downwind of Javelin Park”
  • Gloucestershire Green Party is disappointed that at a meeting of the County Council the Tory position on the proposed free-running badger cull was an unpleasant mix of emotion and politics. Council failed to take the opportunity to change new tenancies which would prohibit culling on the associated county farms. “The Tories in debate declared their ignorance in regard to shooting badgers” stated Cllr Sarah Lunnon, Green, Stroud East “they should follow the science and help stop the proposed massacre of Gloucestershire’s iconic wildlife.”
Interestingly Badger culls which never happened are thought to have cost Gloucestershire Police a whopping £64,000.The force is claiming against the Government for planning security around controversial...

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