19 Nov 2012

Discussion 30th Nov: Can Red Be Green?

The next Coffee House Discussion, complete with coffee (of course!), all kinds of other drinks and scrumptious cakes, is at Star Anise cafe in Stroud, (behind the Old Painswick Inn, Gloucester St.), on Friday, November 30th from 7.30-9.30 pm. Here's info from the flyer:

This month’s topic is: Can Red Be Green?

- Can a political party be socialist and green at the same time?
- What are the challenges for bringing red and green together?
- How do the existing parties measure up?

Come and join us, listen to the introductory speakers and then have your say or just come and listen!

Coffee House Discussions are free, friendly, welcoming events that are open to everyone. They attract people of all ages, all political persuasions and philosophical viewpoints, those with particular views and those who just want to explore where they stand. All opinions and ideas are treated with respect and heard with an open mind.  The aim is to explore a variety of views, and then get a chance to express your own in a warm, friendly, welcoming environment. We hope that everyone leaves a Coffee House Discussion with a broader understanding of the subject than they came with.

The discussions have been running every month since June 2005, and previous topics have included: ‘Can we make poverty history?',  'Does science have all the answers?’, ‘The end of oil?', and 'Stroud in 2020 - Does it have a future?'

For more details see the Stroud District Green Party website ~ http://www.stroudgreenparty.org.uk/

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