10 Oct 2012

When will our politicians wake up to climate change?

Cartoon that has been around a while but still good
There is an Early Day Motion that recognises the need to act on climate change - sponsored by Caroline Lucas and others (click read more to see in full). Sadly Neil Carmichael MP does not feel he can support this.....meanwhile we have Labour also going virtually silent on green issues.....see the extent of that in an article here.

Here's a Friends of the Earth action to ask our MPs to ask Energy Secretary Ed Davey to stand up to George Osborne and include the target to clean up energy by 2030 in the Government's new Energy Bill:

We have 50 months to tackle climate change - see this article in nef that shows the horrors of where we are but also offers some hope: http://www.neweconomics.org/blog/2012/10/01/50-months-to-avoid-climate-disaster-%E2%80%93-and-a-change-is-in-the-air

Yes we need action but for me now it is clear our best way forward is for communities to build resilience.

EDM 303

That this House recognises that there is a climate emergency and that the catastrophic destabilisation of the global climate represents one of the greatest threats that humanity faces; further recognises that there is a need to reduce the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide to 350 parts per million or below; believes it is impossible to predict how close the world is to dangerous tipping points and that immediate action is required to enact a programme of emergency measures with substantial emissions reductions in the short term of the order of 10 per cent within one year, with a longer-term goal of achieving a zero carbon Britain by 2030; further believes that at least two hours of prime time television per week should be used to explain the gravity of the crisis to the public, that domestic flights should be phased out, a speed limit of 55 miles per hour introduced and unabated coal usage reduced; further believes that investment in greening the economy can be an effective way of reviving the economy and, in that spirit, urgent investment should be made in energy efficiency and renewable energy, public transport and the retro-fitting of efficient insulation to existing housing stock, leading to the creation of a million green jobs within one year; and further believes that the introduction of such measures would send a positive signal to other countries in the negotiations for an international emissions reductions treaty.

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