28 Oct 2012

Gloucestershire QE II Fields Update

The response nationally to the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge has been positive with over 1400 fields nationally applying to become a QE II Field. Both Whiteshill and Randwick applied and were successful - to date 32 fields have been nominated in the county which makes Gloucestershire one of the highest proportion of protected fields in the country.

Each field receives a permanent plaque from Fields in Trust to mark that the field has been protected for future use as an open space. Well done to Parish Councils as this hopefully adds further protection to these areas as open spaces rather than development sites!

Indeed there has been concerns about the increased threat to school playing fields - new regs mean that instead of a requirement for secondary schools to provide pitches ranging from 5,000 square metres to 54,000 square metres, depending on the number of pupils, new regulations now simply state schools have to provide “suitable outdoor space” for PE and playtime.

See more at: http://www.qe2fields.com/

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