24 Oct 2012

Firework rules....

A resident asked me last night what are the rules regarding fireworks in gardens....well basically my understand it that no fireworks may be fired before 07:00 and after 23:00 except on 4 days in the year. There are 4 basic exceptions - Fireworks may be fired until 01:00 on the day following the first day of Chinese New Year, the day following Diwali and New Year’s day, and until 24:00 on November 5th. Use of fireworks outside these periods is prohibited. This of course doesn't include sparklers and party poppers.

No fireworks should  exceed 120dB. Members of the EIG, the British Fireworks Association (BFA) and BPA are not importing any consumer fireworks that exceed this level - fireworks supplied to the general public should be manufactured or imported by members of these bodies. Professional displays may utilise fireworks that exceed this noise level. The Environmental Health Service can help with any queries and also investigate any complaints where the rules do not appear to be adhered to. The contact no. is 01453 754478

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