30 Oct 2012

191 road schemes planned: madness!

The Campaign for Better Transport's email to me earlier this week highlighted the madness that we are planning more roads.....Here is what they wrote: "191 road schemes. 772 miles of big new roads (that’s longer than the distance between Lands’ End and John O’Groats). Potential damage to four national parks, seven areas of outstanding natural beauty, 39 sites of special scientific interest, three national nature reserves & 54 ancient woods. Not to mention scores of precious local wildlife sites.

"That’s what is being proposed in a massive round of new road schemes being put forward by local councils and new local enterprise partnerships led by businesses. Our new report reveals just how much road building this could mean and what it would cost. It’s time to stop this madness. Big new roads schemes simply tear up the countryside. And they don’t even solve the traffic problems that they’re supposed to."

At least fares are not set to rise as planned - they were set to rise by 6.2% but will now revert to the old formula. That’s still a rise of just over 4%. See more about how a former Conservative Transport Minister and an activist once jailed for opposing road building have come together to launch campaign here.

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Anonymous said...

1901 UK road deaths in 2011 suggests the CC think carefully about its new responsibilities for road safety. 560 of those deaths were pedestrians and cyclists. Speed and poorly designed road junctions are the major causes. So cash would be better spent addressing those problems.