15 Sep 2012

Incinerator decision - bah!

By local artist Russ
So GCC have agreed to sign the contract.....Following on from that decision by Gloucestershire County Council's cabinet Sarah Lunnon (Green Stroud East) commented: "GCC has faced the consequences of its own actions. The decision to opt for a 25 year residual waste facility contract, the cabinet champion Stan Waddington explained, would mean high interest rate charges for the borrowed capital. Investment bankers, it seems, understand that the risks of forecasting the available waste for that long are substantial. Perhaps they are aware that the County Councils waste estimates were a massive 25% overstated in the 5 years up to 2012. Clearly the forecast £190million savings are just as dubious.

"A shorter contract would have allowed the use of technologies that the local communities would have found more acceptable and provided greater flexibility in the future. In my, and the local Green Party's view, this approach would still be better financially and environmentally, even with the cost of withdrawal the Council have brought upon themselves."

Up tomorrow is the film made by GlosVain.


Anonymous said...

Great! Just wanted to check you know that glosvain meeting about the incinerator is coming to randwick village hall on dec 3rd. The info seems rather hidden on glosvains website. I went to the Nailsworth meeting which was excellent but quite low turnout..... Hope randwick fairs better!

Philip Booth said...

Yes thanks - infact my blog tomorrow is already planned advertising that event - I've also sent to Randwick Runner - I have another Council meeting that night but hope to catch the end if the other meeting finishes on time.