14 Sep 2012

Highways planning simplification could be detrimental

The County Council intend to publish draft Standing Advice in respect of highway considerations for small scale residential development accessed from certain types of highway. This is an issue I raised last night at the Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council meeting.

It is argued that this reflects the need for the County Council to concentrate its resources on those types of development that could have a severe impact on the local transport network, whilst fulfilling its duties to ensure that the highway safety implications on small scale residential development are properly considered by the Local Planning Authority. Their consultation closes 19th September. See more here.

While I understand the need to simplify I have noted my concerns that I do not agree that you can have such a blanket proposal. Each development needs to be considered in it's own right. I can see that the LPA and County councillor can request consultation by Highways. However I have asked that such a request could also be made by District councillors and Parish/Town Council.

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