11 Aug 2012

Stroud Festival of Nature 2012: Eco-renovation Open Homes are part of it

The fifth annual Stroud Festival of Nature takes place on Saturday 8 September from 11am until 6pm in the beautiful grounds of Stratford Park, Stroud. It remains just one of two festival’s of nature in the UK and attracts visitors in excess of 2,500.

This is a free event where the public can not only learn about what is happening in the countryside around them, but also engage in family friendly nature based activities. Stratford Park provides a wonderful setting for the event. As well as exploring the stalls and taking part in treasure hunts, crafts, art, etc, visitors are encouraged to bring picnics, relax on the lawns beneath the trees and explore the park’s arboretum, woodland and wilder areas.

This year over forty organisations, groups and individuals are taking part in the festival, the highest number since the festival began. There will also be a number of organisations and businesses promoting sustainable energy as part of Transition Stroud's Eco-Renovation Open Homes....a project I started and have supported the last 5 years.

The weekend after the Festival of Nature 12 homes will open to the public to encourage folk to consider renewable energy - we are opening it the week after to give more time to go around both the Festival and the homes - see more: http://www.stroudopenhomes.org.uk/

The Festival of Nature is also hosting the launch of this year’s Stroud Walking Festival, which then continues for the next three weeks.


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