3 Aug 2012

20 mph update: value to public health

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It looks like 2nd October will be the Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish consultation re introducing a 20 mph zone to nearly all the Parish plus Randwick. I have written many pages and reports on the value of 20 mph and don't intend to repeat here - check out previous posts by clicking 20 mph label below - however here is something new....

Bristol’s 20mph report on the 2 Bristol 20 mph pilots (the combined areas cover approximately 500 roads and 30,000 households) found some figures re the impact of 20 mph:

pg 2 - Using a mean of a 23% increase in walking and a 20.5% increase in cycling the Health Economic Assessment Tool (a conservative method of assessment) indicates that for each £ spent the return on investment for:
• walking is £24.72
• cycling is £7.47.

The Department of Transport states that any schemes giving a return on investment of more that £2 for every pound spent give high value for money. How’s that for value for money Public Health improvement?

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