24 Jul 2012

Tricorn House; bid for improvement

Tricorn mock-up by Inside Out team
Over last year I was in touch with Dan Martyr about a possible project with Tricorn House - sadly Tricorn owners or their agents didn't respond and it looks like it wont go ahead. However Dan gave me permission to add the photos of the project to share on this blog - click on them to enlarge.

As this blog has noted all agree that something must be done about Tricorn House. Sadly there looks like there will be a long wait before we see any action....hence this project proposal to address the community perception of the building....it is even more sad this project hasn't gone ahead.

As Dan writes: "Stroud is very much a community town and an artistic one and I believe would respond well to the Tricorn being the centre of a community art project – one that is part of a greater international art movement. The proposal is to be a part of an ongong project created by French artist JR for which he won the TED 2011 prize http://www.insideoutproject.net/

Tricorn mock-up by Inside Out team
"To put it simply the process would be to put up large black & white images of people in the windows of the building thus repopulating the empty space.....The images would be of local people, people who could be using this space in positive ways. It’d be nice to reignite a positive attitude toward this Stroud icon."

Maybe someone from Tricorn will read this and the project can still live??


Anonymous said...

I think that that project is unpleasant myself. A bit sinister; like ghosts haunting the place...

I think the owners have replaced all the broken windows at least.

Anonymous said...

I love this project idea - think it is great to see faces and liven up this dead dead space

Anonymous said...

It's not dead, it's restin'... ;-)

Not unlike Ham Mill up the valley, in Thrupp, which is just boarded up.

Seriously though, it isn't dead, just sleeping...I'm sure someone will wake it up at some point...or knock it down.

Andy said...

It sounds like Tricorn will be developed into nursing home within the year if press reports are accurate...although we've heard that before!