17 Jul 2012

Ruscombe Brook update

The Ruscombe Brook Action Group met again yesterday evening to see what can be done re a problem re poaching by cattle, the run-off pipe from Wheelers Walk and the Puckshole culvert already starting to silt again (see photos by local resident left).....

I wont go into the details here but we will meet again in September where we hope to have replies to some letters and more. It is also poss we will have a working party to shift silt or cut back vegetation in the Autumn - anyone interested do let us know.....

Meanwhile the fences along the fields in the Ruscombe Valley put up by Severn Trent while they relined the sewer are to be removed in the next days....cattle then will be able to graze the land there....Severn Trent meanwhile will at some point be starting work on the sewers alongside the Randwick tributary.

Other news is that the brook has caused a few challenges to the canal development...the brook goes into the canal after the Lake at the Lawns.

Here is what the Council news says: 'Dudbridge Locks: An interesting problem occurred here! Contractors digging the channel for the hydro-electric scheme broke into the old culvert carrying Ruscombe Brook in a siphon under the canal. The result was that the site was immediately flooded! The culvert was blocked in the late 1950s when the brook was diverted into the canal. Investigation revealed that river water being carried in the canal was leaking through the bottom of Dudbridge Upper Lock into the culvert. The culvert has now been blocked, but the lock bottom still needs to be repaired, beginning this week. This will involve over-pumping the river flow. Work can then continue with the hydro pipe and bypass channel. Meanwhile, the concrete base has been poured for the turbine chamber.'

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