8 Jul 2012

Jubilant stories treasure hunt in Stroud

Allotment in Thrupp on Saturday
On Saturday I had the pleasure of joining the Jubilant Stories team who were in Stroud collecting 'bumping places' and 'stories' - this is all about how we build and strengthen communities - to understand what I'm talking about see my short film all about it here.

The film was rather hurriedly thrown together as I've had a busy few days - Thursday night saw Full Council meeting at Ebley Mill - and although it went on a bit there was not so much meat to the agenda....while this weekend saw the Jubilant Stories (see above) and the Farmers Market celebrating it's 13th birthday along with the Mad Cows (hopefully a film on that too).....plus the Edible Open Garden project - despite a wee bit of rain at the gardens I visited, it didn't seem to put off visitors and lots of people wanting to know more about growing food.....a couple of films hopefully coming on a couple of the gardens soon.....and of course next weekend there are more gardens open - see here.

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