4 Jul 2012

Edible Gardens opening for free!

Transition Stroud's Edible Open Gardens weekends 7-8th July and 14-15th July

Over 40 edible gardens and allotments will be opening free to the public plus 10 free workshops to encourage people to grow and learn more about food. There will be vegetables, fruit, herb and kitchen gardens, chicken keepers, pigs and more in various communities including Stroud, Whiteshill, Stonehouse, Bisley and Horsley. The gardeners will be available to share their knowledge and passion for growing. See films of last years event here and more about this year here: http://www.edibleopengardens.org.uk/

Here's some of the quotes we are using to publicise the event:

Helen Pitel, one of the organisers said: 'If you are thinking of growing food at home and are not sure how to make use of a steep garden, then the Open Edible Gardens days will give you inpsiration, ideas and encouragement. There are steep gardens to be seen in Nailsworth, Chalford, Thrupp, Whiteshill and Horsley. Lean House  in Chalford is the steepest vegetable garden I have ever seen - it is almost unbelievable!'

Helen Royall,  coordinator of the event and Transition Stroud member said: "This is a chance to celebrate some of our wonderfully productive gardens and local food growing projects in the Stroud Valleys. We want to see if we can reach lots of people who have never grown veg before."

Gardeners Question Time on Stroud FM this Friday
Food prices rising

Philip Booth, Stroud District councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe, who has been part of the planning, added: "Annual food inflation is now at 6% and squeezing people on lower incomes. Our food system is staggeringly inefficient and heavily dependent upon oil, at a time when the production of energy from fossil fuels is on the decline. Britain only grows 60% of our food and we are subject to world price volatility and a financial system where bankers not growers rule. Nine million Brits (out of 60m) say they garden. With this Edible Open Gardens project we hope to all learn lots and inspire more local food production at a lower environmental cost than the supermarkets."


Rebecca said...

This is absolutely wonderful! There's a need for more events like this throughout the country. Gardening is a great stress reduction, and it's fabulous for overall health, as well. Edible gardening is particularly beneficial, providing a solid outcome while teaching patience. Since I began edible gardening, my small daughter has learned a great deal, and her eating habits have improved dramatically.
I'm babbling, aren't I?
I'm just so excited about these edible gardens opening to the community!!! Even though I live too far away to enjoy them, knowing that it's happening for a short while really makes me smile.

Philip Booth said...

Thanks - they did seem to go very well despite weather not being so great - loved talking to people who are only just starting or thinking of starting edible gardening.....