25 Jun 2012

More quotes

Bread Street verge, Ruscombe
In my round of occasional quotes here come a few more....

'Royalty, "in the propaganda apparatus of society as it is", had four functions: to foster the illusion of national unity; to preserve the hierarchy of honours and titles by which representatives of the workers are subjected to the most insidious form of corruption; to supply a fertile source of diversion; and, above all, to intervene in a time of acute political crisis and exert its influence in favour of the existing social order.' Nye Bevan

"Only when we name mass damage and destruction as ecocide can we start addressing the problem at the heart and start finding out what the solutions are. Everyone needs to make earth their business."
Polly Higgins http://www.eradicatingecocide.com/

“If you read the climate science of today and don’t feel pessimistic you haven’t read it properly, and if you encounter the movement of people who are doing something about it and you’re not deeply moved and inspired by that, then you don’t have a heart.” Paul Hawkin

"... some problems are unsolvable and some questions unanswerable … do what we will, we are never going to be free of mortality, partiality, fallibility, and error. The extent of our knowledge will always be, at the same time, the measure of the extent of our ignorance." Wendell Berry

"The depression we're all trying to avoid could very well be a prolonged chronic reaction to what we've been doing to...nature and to cities and to whole peoples...partly because this is the soul's reaction to the mourning and grieving that we're not consciously doing." James Hillman, psychologist, author of "Soul's Code"

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