14 Jun 2012

Gloucestershire Pride 2012 Sat 16th June

Ebley Mill

I've just had confirmation to my requests that Ebley Mill and Subscription rooms will again fly the Rainbow Flag this weekend. I made the initial request in 2007 that Stroud supports Glos Pride and have been delighted that every year they have flown the flag - with the exception of last year when there was a mix up and they forgot!

Pride started in 2006 and I was there with the Green party banner - a much smaller more tentative affair than it is nowadays - the County Council that year (and since) supported with flying the Rainbow flag - they were the first County to fly such a flag - clearly cities and others have done for some years.....

Anyway due to all the NHS protests I am unlikely to make the parade part but hope it goes well - unfortunately it seems the Pride website is down but for those who don't know the Pride event starts at Shire Hall at 12 noon on Saturday. Parade departs at 12.30 where it will end at Gloucester Park. Stalls, entertainment, inflatables, games and fun for everyone.  

See my film last year at: http://stroudcommunity.tv/gloucestershire-pride-2011-the-parade/

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