24 May 2012

Full Council AGM, Future Now and Youth Film Festival

Always liked this view of building by station
Back from the SDC AGM that was largely postponed from last week - this evening was not a lot of excitement - indeed most were aware that Greens, Lib Dems and Labour were developing an agreement which means we now formally run the Council.

Greens take a Cabinet post - or rather Executive post for Environment - Simon Pickering is stepping into that role,  Lib Dems took Planning and Community Safety posts leaving 5 for Labour. It was interesting to see the dynamics change as Tories in opposition and losing most votes for appointments - but also good to see more of them speaking up. Indeed lots of good points made on all sides....

.....a couple of successful minor Green amendments to what was otherwise a very boring update of the Council's constitution - one we insisted sex premises opening need to continue to go to Licensing Committee rather than only go when there is opposition...some people find opposition hard to plans for projects like sex premises and can feel intimidated so it is right such cases are aired publicly.  

Also we voted so that all Council meetings will now be evenings - a move to encourage more councillors who work to stand in elections and make it more possible for those of us who work to attend meetings. There are all sorts of issues around this which I wont go into here as I'm  a little tired - had a v busy day - work in morning then an afternoon at Forest Green Rovers where we had a meeting to progress the Future Now project - not sure I've mentioned it here but it is probably the sixth meeting and very exciting - see some of what it is about here. More on that soon.

Lastly the other thing I managed to get to beforte the Council meeting was the Young People's Film Festival at the SVA. A chance to talk to some of them about their films but also see what interest they might have in Stroud Community TV....as I missed the films due to the Council meeting being postponed last week I hope we will get alot of them on the SCTV website....

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