19 Apr 2012

Stroud Stagecoach changes: 93 to run every 30 mins

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Stagecoach and the County Council are not great at getting news out about bus changes - how many times on this blog have I said that - anyway the great news is that the 93 will now run twice every hour - see timetable here - still no proper later evening service but at least this will be great for regular commuters - and see below other local changes.

"I use the above bus fairly regularly, and even I did not know that the 93 bus from Stroud to Gloucester serving Whiteshill now runs TWICE hourly instead of HOURLY. This is great news for the elderly and others who have to rely on the bus for doctors and dentists appointments and the like.  It also means that people will not have an extra hour to kill in town if they miss a bus.  The bus to Stroud stops at the Woodcutters at 12 and 42 minutes past the hour.  The bus to Gloucester stops opposite the Woodcutters at 7 and 37 minutes past the hour."

Services 14, 20, 26, 37, 40, 46, 93 & School Services 501-506
Stroud Service Changes From 15th April 2012

Services 14, 14A & 20 - Slight timetable revision
Service 26 - New Monday to Saturday timetable
Service 37 - An additional journey at 21:15 Monday to Saturday
Service 40 - Withdrawn
Service 46 - New Monday to Sunday timetable
Service 93 - Frequency enhanced to every 30 minutes resulting in a new Monday to Saturday timetable
Service 501 - Withdrawn
Service 502 - Extended to run from Rodborough via Amberley and Minchinhampton, picking up existing route at Chalford, Marle Hill
Service 504 - 17:11 journey from Nailsworth is withdrawn
Service 505 - Amended to run from Sainsbury's via the Stanleys, picking up existing route at Whitminster
Service 506 - Amended to run from Nympsfield, picking up existing route at Uley.

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Anonymous said...

This post is seriously out-of-date. Buses are hourly again, and have been for some time.