30 Apr 2012

NHS protest taken to Carmichael's door

Stroud Life report
Last week there was a small protest in response to Neil Carmichael claiming on Stroud FM that the public don't care who provides healthcare. I missed the protest due to a work meeting but did pass by the office as the last protestors finished. See brief film of protest on Stroud Community TV: http://stroudcommunity.tv/protest-outside-neil-carmichaels-office-keep-nhs-public/

See press release from campaign group here. This is what I said to press: "For Mr Carmichael to suggest that the public doesn't care about who provides their healthcare is just plain wrong. In February 2012 a YouGov survey found only 19% of people thought that increasing private competition within the NHS would make services better. We've never been given the chance to vote on these plans; the Tories didn't put it in their manifesto and in fact promised 'no top down reorganisation' of the NHS."

"There is much misinformation about the changes to our NHS but it is utterly clear that the changes will massively increase commercialisation. We are witnessing our health services change, to be run on US lines by, and largely for, shareholders and profit. The changes will damage patient care especially more vulnerable patients and waste precious public money on an unaccountable and more complicated bureaucracy. Neil Carmichael has failed us - particularly in failing to support publishing the risks attached to these healthcare changes. I fear this is another step towards the end of Bevan's dream of free healthcare for all Britains."

As it is election time please note the disclaimer at the bottom of this blog.

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