4 Apr 2012

Poem about a couples visit - by Brenda Brookson

View across to Ruscombe from Selsey
Ruscombe resident, Brenda Brookson, sent a copy of her poem to me about a couple who visited her home - I asked if I could pop it on this site. As regular blog readers will know I am happy to make this space available for all sorts - adverts for local events, new local businesses, exhibitions and more....anyway here is the poem....a lovely story that is a welcomed break from other stuff...thank you.

While sitting in my garden
a couple wandered by
They stopped to have a chat,
that ended with a cry.

We lived here 80 years ago
The old man quietly said
and pointing to a window
said thats where i had my bed

The house seems so much bigger now
Than when i was a lad
and this lady here's my sister
together we remember the good times that we had

We had a cat called Monkey
my dad would send him out
"Go bring us back a rabbit"
Tonight we'll eat a stew, he'd say
 of that there is no doubt

We used too pick some berries
from there, just up the lane
and sell them to the grocer
many kids all did the same

They supped the tea i gave them
I could see their minds were away
to days gone by so long ago
as kids who loved to play

We walked to town on Saturdays
To get our Sunday lunch
and walking back through fields of flowers
we would always pick a bunch.

Was mum and dad born here, I asked
No, dad was from the North
But mum she was a Stroudite
and kids well I was fourth

Our memories come flooding back
to many for to tell
This garden here was used for pigs
I remember now the smell

They stood up then, "we have to leave,
as time is getting on"
"its been just great to
about our time long gone

And as the couple walked away
I waved them from my door
Tears ran down my cheeks, as i thought
I wont see them no more.

Ah time just passes right on by
as we travel on our way
Maybe in years,  We'll
and look back on this day.

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