13 Apr 2012

Email MP about cuts to legal aid

View from top of Ash Lane
I've had a couple of hours at the allotment today - loved that - well I've written lots on this blog about the cuts to legal aid - on Tuesday, MPs will vote. Over the last few months, the House of Lords have made some vital changes to the plans. Their changes would protect children, domestic violence victims and disabled people from the worst of the legal aid cuts - they certainly don't go anywhere near far enough but there’s a real danger that all this good work could go to waste.

MPs have a choice. They could back the Lords to stop the worst of the cuts. Or they could vote to stick with the government’s original plans. The government will be trying to persuade MPs to reverse the Lords’ changes. Click here to email your MP  via 38 degrees campaign - it only takes 2 minutes: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/legal-aid-MP-vote

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