7 Mar 2012

Stroud Community TV launched!

Stroud Community TV is a not for profit independent online channel by the people of Stroud and for the people of Stroud. It launched on 1st March 2012 and now we are now after more of your YouTube or Vimeo videos about Stroud or by Stroud people that can be linked to our website.
For some months I have been working on this project with a number of others - the idea came out of a conversation with website designer Peter Richardson - and since then I've had nothing but positive feedback for the idea. In November we established a group and got a small donation from the Town Council to set up the website.

We already have a huge range of videos (getting close to 200) from skateboarding, music, our beautiful countryside, history, stories, poetry community projects and much more. It has been fascinating seeing the range from videos; an old one with Chalford Station still operating, Emma Samms in a video to raise money to tackle prostrate cancer, community projects like the Horsley Orchard and Dudbridge Hydro, Rococo Gardens, work by arts students and so much more.

Basically SCTV is run by volunteers and will be a place;
  • to publicise and promote Stroud to local people and visitors
  • to support our local economy
  • to create a space for voices who are less often heard
  • to inspire audiences into actions 
  • to develop the already amazing media skills and creative talent in Stroud
We hope to also support and encourage specific projects to help develop video-making skills. Many different groups are interested including Stroud Video Makers, Colleges, local charities and more. But we would welcome more - if anyone is interested in getting involved  please get in touch via the website - we need help with uploading videos, running workshops and making films.



Unknown said...

Great project, well done Philip!

Anonymous said...

from what I've seen so far.....groovy!

Mark Wilderspin said...

With a slightly different hat on to my musical one, I do see local TV / video content as being especailly valuable in modern society in realtion to making important information accessible and user-friendly - especially in relation to e.g local planning policies and the greater emphasis on the greater return to local consultation and self-determination of local development as proposed by the National Planning Policy Framework.

One of the biggest continual 'community' stumbling blocks and source of complaints has typcially been lack of communication. With social media and the use of video especially - there is now little excuse for this. Video is power. (Over 1500 views of 'Stroud Life' in less than three days.) Come on local authorities / public bodies - make more use of it!

Mark Wilderspin

Philip Booth said...

By cooincidence I'm at a District Council NPPF policy panel tonight looking at all that - sadly wont be able to video! Agree video has loads of potential to reach different groups - and make us creators rather than consumers....