2 Mar 2012

Standish Hospital update

I have had several queries from local residents over the last month regarding the Standish Hospital site - apparently as of January a plan was still being worked on with a bidder - the details remain confidential but the delay is, I suspect, not unexpected given the economy and changes to both GCC and NHS structure and many people's job changes. However with further NHS changes possible and the state of the buildings it is vital a solution is found soon. The New Standish Community Group continues to meet with hopes of getting the best options for the site and our community - I applaud their persistence.


Anonymous said...

Many nurses in Gloucester often talk about how the NHS used to be ! We often discuss Standish hospital and how it's sad to see it crumbling. A few nurses would like to see in reconstructed and developed into a respite and palliative care hospice . How many of you that read this would agree with our thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Would love to see it remain as a health place - what a fantastic site for healing