18 Mar 2012

Last chance to add voice to Core Strategy/Local Plan

View from Selsey of Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe
Most will know that the Ruscombe Valley and Callowell are among local green field sites that are threatened by development - see recent blog here of Parish meeting and here my more general  comments re housing. We have until tomorrow to complete the online consultation at: http://www.stroud.gov.uk/consult (Core Strategy Consultation). However I heard at the end of last week that if people let SDC know tomorrow that their submission will be late then SDC will accept it up to 2 weeks late.

SDC will also accept letters referencing the questionnaire - below is a suggestion from one residents group - I would urge using your own words where possible - the online questionnaire takes  a fair bit of time to complete but I would strongly urge people to make a submission. It is good to see that the Town Council have also been doing lots to raise this issue - and neighbouring District Councillor Andy Reed has blogged here on the threat to Callowell.

I am broadly in agreement with the Core Strategy but with the following reservations:
Ref. Question Q8.1 Do you agree with the Stroud Valleys ‘mini vision’?
A. Yes but with reservations: I am concerned about 'edge of settlement' development on the greenfield sites of Callowell Farm, and Grange Fields. 100-300 homes accommodated on these sites would be disastrous for Stroud - for many reasons including: a negative affect on the anticipated growth in tourism, greatly increased traffic burden on already congested roads in Stroud town, the loss of distinctiveness for the villages of Whiteshill and Ruscombe through increased urban sprawl encroachment. These sites together with the other key greenfield sites e.g. Ruscombe Valley, Wades Farm, Slad Valley, Rodborough Fields, form the distinctive landscape setting for Stroud - “the valuable ‘green horizons’ that are visible from within the urban areas”, and must be protected against further development.
Ref. Question Q10.1 Stroud Valleys – sites, opportunities and needs
A. Yes but with reservations: my reasons are the same as Q8.1 above.
Ref Question Q11.1 Stroud Valleys– level of housing growth 300-800 homes
A. Yes but with reservations: Provided only brownfield sites and suitable locations within valley bottoms are developed sensitively.


Anonymous said...

OK done, but having got through it I wonder if a method where a large meeting of wannabe respondents who need guidance through it could work better, rather like a TV quiz show with electronic voting devices given to each.

Anonymous said...

What a nightmare to read and understand the consultation - like the idea of last persons comment - surely a better way to engage? This online form is just for those with persistence and a doctorate in planning