20 Feb 2012

New nukes to be built on false info

Oldbury - site of possible new nuclear build
Here is a copy of my email last week to the Environmental Audit Committee and Public Administration Select Committee plus Neil Carmichael MP. This really is shocking...

You may have heard of about the Report called 'Corruption of Governance' launched in the Houses of Commons on 31st January 2012.  I have now read this shocking easy to read report that shows that two of the National Policy Statements, EN-1 and EN-6, recommending a new generation of nuclear power stations and, approved by Parliament, are based on false information.

I am very concerned by the evidence outlined that suggests that the decision to support new nuclear power stations was made based on flawed and misleading information. The report also confirms, what many of us have suspected, that we do not need any more nuclear power stations 'to keep the lights on' - and that nuclear power is not the most cost effective form of electricity generation. 

That the National Policy Statements were used as planning guidance for Local Authorities is extremely worrying.  I am therefore writing to ask that your Committees to take up the recommendations of this report and investigate this issue.

Yours faithfully,

Philip Booth

Please anyone reading this also write to the Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee, Ms Joan Walley MP and the Chair of the Public Administration Select Committee, Mr Bernard Jenkin MP, to ask that their Committees to investigate this issue because the decision to support new nuclear power stations has been made on the basis of false evidence, misrepresentation of evidence and omissions of evidence. Their emails are: walleyj(at)parliament.uk and bernard.jenkin.mp(at)parliament.uk 

Also download the latest excellent NuCLear News: http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/nuclearnews/NuClearNewsNo37.pdf

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