28 Feb 2012

More exaggerated turbine photos!

Back in April last year it was found that campaign groups against wind turbines in Berkeley Vale had used photos that exaggerated the size of the turbines - see here - well now it seems the same has happened down in Sharpness. The proposal at Sharpness Docks for a single turbine - see here - has, I understand, also had around 600 leaflets delivered in that area with the picture seen left.

The true representation is more like the second photo - although that hasn't printed well in my version of the photo - I welcome that the Alliance 4 Wind group door knocking in the area to speak with residents and answer questions. There has been lots of miss information as often seems to be the case with wind - for example I should note the height of the proposed turbine will be 122m not 3 times the height of the test mast ie 210 metres as suggested by a leaflet.

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