1 Jan 2012

Hope and solutions

A very warm welcome to 2012 and all good wishes. What better way to start thatn with a positive story....An Inconvienient Truth 2 is a must watch look at solutions to climate change and peak oil - it was made by Cheltenham-based Green Party member Jack Guest. Episode one features Volvo's alternative fuel vehicles, including biogas cars and buses, 'slow travel' by boat, a car addiction scheme, and a Green MP.

See part two which shows a 100% renewable energy housing area and foods' effect on the climate. Go to: http://youtu.be/9dlF-dMOUmY

Part 3 shows a totally wonderful musical cabaret, the effects of Chernobyl on a beautiful Swedish village, and the man behind Sweden's adoption of renewable energy. Go to: http://youtu.be/4loeFtV351E

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