12 Jan 2012

Consultation on where houses will go

Ruscombe fields on left are part of alternative strategy
The public consultation on the next stage in the preparation of the Council’s planning framework dealing with development up to 2026 will start on 6 February and last 6 weeks closing on 19 March.The consultation was meant to open December then was delayed to January - I am not clear why this latest delay has occurred but it is not helpful to Parish and Town Council's organising local events.

Basically the consultation builds on the decision of Council on 24 November 2011 to ask the public for their views on the need to provide for 9,350 homes in the district up to 2026 and the distribution of development at Hunts Grove (Hardwicke/Haresfield parishes), north east Cam, west of Stonehouse (Eastington parish), Stroud Valleys, Aston Down and Sharpness. See my earlier comments here with links to why it is important we respond.

The ‘Preferred Strategy’ consultation will deal with the distribution of 3,200 new homes and up to 6,400 jobs anticipated in the district. The role of the final planning framework (i.e. Core Strategy / Local Plan) is to set out the vision and policies for management of development across the district. It will identify the overarching objectives for planning in Stroud District and will be used by everyone who wants to see how the district will change and what new development will be planned for and managed up to 2026. Visit http://www.stroud.gov.uk/consult for further information on the plan preparation process and consultation. The “Core Strategy – Next Steps” report to Council on 24th November outlines the way forward. It is vital as many people as possible make their views known - I will of course be writing more on this blog.

For more click read more. Anyone that lives, works or invests in the Stroud District can take part in this consultation and make their views known. The main consultation document will be available online at http://www.stroud.gov.uk/consultation between Monday 6th February and Monday 19th March and at the following locations during their normal opening hours:

  • Town and Parish Council offices that open to the public: Berkeley, Cainscross, Cam, Chalford, Dursley, Minchinhampton, Nailsworth, Painswick, Rodborough, Stonehouse, Stroud, Wotton-under-Edge
  • Public libraries at Berkeley, Brockworth, Dursley, Nailsworth, Minchinhampton, Quedgeley, Stonehouse, Stroud, Wotton-under-Edge
  • The customer service centre at Stroud District Council offices, Ebley Mill. There are computers for public access here
  • The Tourist Information Centre at the Subscription Rooms, Stroud

There will be an online questionnaire to respond to the consultation. If you do not have internet access you can get consultation response forms from any of the locations listed above. There will be six drop-in exhibitions, targeted at the main development locations, during February and early March. You’ll be able to chat to officers working on the Core Strategy. Copies of all the documents published in connection with this consultation will be available to view and you can pick up consultation response forms there too. There will also be unmanned exhibitions at several places during the consultation period.

Public Drop-In Exhibitions with the Core Strategy Team in attendance

South of Gloucester                               Hardwicke Village Hall,
Wednesday 15 February, 3pm – 8pm

Cam/Dursley                                         Winterbotham Hall, Cam
Saturday 18 February, 10am – 3pm

Stroud Valleys & Aston Down                 Brimscombe & Thrupp Social Centre
Wednesday 22 February, 3pm – 8pm
The Subscription Rooms, Stroud
Saturday 25 February, 10am – 3pm

Sharpness                                             Sharpness Village Hall,
Thursday 1 March, 3pm – 8pm

M5 Catchment                                       Stonehouse Town Council
Saturday 3 March, 10am – 3pm

Static unmanned exhibitions

South of Gloucester                               Blooms Garden Centre
Monday 6 February to Monday 20 March

Cam/Dursley                                         Tesco, Cam                 
Saturday 11 February to Saturday 18 February

Stroud Valleys & Aston Down                 Stroud Town Council
Monday 6 February to Sunday 26 February

Minchinhampton Library
Monday 20 February to Friday 3 March

Stroud District Council Offices
Monday 6 February to Friday 16 March

M5 Catchment                                       Stonehouse Town Council
Monday 6 February to Monday 19 March

For further information on the consultation process please contact the Council’s Planning Strategy Team on 01453 754143


between-the-lines said...

"The ‘Preferred Strategy’ consultation will deal with the distribution of 3,200 new homes and up to 6,400 jobs anticipated in the district."

An interesting coincidence of numbers.

Is this an indication that the preferred strategy fondly imagines the miraculous materialisation of the perfect nuclear family, complete with two working adults to every house built?

Philip Booth said...

It is a hope to create two jobs for every new house - at the moment Stroud District has a v large out of District commute - this is an attempt to address that - but Councils have few powers to insist!