23 Dec 2011

Seasonal message to County re incineration

A seasonal message and greetings to Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) is below from Gloucestershire Vale Against Incineration (GlosVAIN). It has apparently been sent to all County councillors - thought folks here would be interested. Meanwhile the Lib Dem group are ‘calling in’ the controversial decision to build a waste incinerator at Javelin Park. Very good luck to them.

GlosVAIN rejects incineration as the solution to Gloucestershire's waste problem. Other technologies are better for the environment, health and local economy. GCC's proposal will lock in local taxpayers to an inflexible solution for 25 years at a cost of £500,000,000.

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GlosVAIN said...

Delighted to see you have posted this, Philip. Thanks!

The fight goes on!

Just for people's info, the GlosVAIN link leads to the website that is unfortunately a bit out of date. We'll be seriously revamping this in the New Year. In the meantime, the best way to follow GlosVAIN's activities is via Twitter (@GlosVAIN) or Facebook ("Rage Against the Incinerator"). Hope to engage with people there.

All the best this Xmas from GlosVAIN!