28 Dec 2011

Right-wing press bias against renewables

I recently came across research by the Public Interest Research Centre (Pirc) - it confirms what many of us have known for a long while that the Mail has a particularly anti-green stance and in particular the remarkable degree of negativity towards renewable energy in the UK press more broadly. See report here.

In the Mail, 75% of articles "centrally concerned with renewables" took a negative stance, and only 8% were positive. The Sun came out almost as anti-renewables as the Mail – though this was mainly due to Jeremy Clarkson, who accounted for two-thirds of the Sun's negative pieces. The Independent in contrast was positive in almost two-thirds of stories focusing mainly on renewables and negative in just a few percentage of cases.

How on earth can we reach our climate change targets if the press are ignoring the science? For example The Mail made a huge deal about the costs of renewable energy policies on householder bills but increased the true figure by more than 100% due to accidental or deliberate errors.

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