5 Dec 2011

Climate talks: where is the hope?

What are the Durban climate talks all about - the 17th set of climate talks - see a 3 min film that explains it all here. New Swiss research shows that about three-quarters of the warming seen since 1950 is down to human influences. While another report says glacier loss in parts of the Himalayas is accelerating - see BBC here. Yet we seem further away from a deal than ever....

In 2010, emissions grew by 5.9% - more than compensating for the fall of 1.4% seen in 2009, when the recession caused a dramatic downturn in developed countries. Even accounting for the 2009 drop, emissions have risen faster in the last decade than at any time in the last 50 years.

As Prescott has said there seems to be a 'conspiracy against the poor' - see here. WDM released a rather shocking report into the tactics used by developed countries - see here. Indeed our own government seems to rapidly be moving away from any tinge of green in it's policies - see the last budget here and here green groups call on Osbourne today - and here comments on Cameron - or is there hope with Chris Huhne trying to increase the targets at the conference to 30%?

What will it take to wake us up? Most depressing of all is the seeming lack of hope and leadership. However despite all this I do believe things can be done and will change - we have seen radical actions in the past and the financial meltdown we are facing may bring the opportunities we need....Caroline’s environment blog for the Guardian this week is on this topic and she sees some room for hope - see it at: http://bit.ly/vTzNQ5

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Philip Booth said...

Talk of a long-term climate deal to cut carbon emissions is allowing industrialised countries to delay taking action, says Murray Worthy from the World Development Movement