16 Nov 2011

Stroud at Work & Play (paid & unpaid) exhib

Last Saturday I went to the great new exhibition at the Sub Rooms - it is the Stroud Photo Ages second Community Photographic Exhibition featuring photographs of Stroud District residents at work and play. Last years exhibition of a photo of a Stroud resident every age until over a 100 was excellent - this year's does not disappoint. Local photographers of all levels were invited to take two photographs of their ‘subject’, one at work and one at play and include a caption telling us about the person. 

The caption's are part of the charm - you will, I am sure, recognise many residents including those living in this ward.

The exhibition runs until to Friday 2 December and is open 10.00am-5.00pm (Goodwill Evening until 9.00pm) and 10.00am-4.00pm Saturdays. Closed Mondays & Sundays.

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