5 Nov 2011

Apple Day games in Randwick

Earlier this week I uploaded a video of Saturday's Apple Day in Randwick - see it here.

Common Ground - a great organisation - inspired me to add games to our Apple Day celebrations in Humphreys End this time. Below are some notes from those games taken from the book pictured - there are many more in the book - a great little treasure.

1. Passing the apple

Circle - pass apple behind - person in middle has to guess at a certain time. - if correct guess he takes place.

2. Gruacach's Treasure

A hairy ogre in celtic myth - Gruacach lies down beside apples asleep - others creep to steal apples - if sits up they stand still - if an apple is taken Gruacach chases before they reach base - anyone moving or caught is out.

3. Longest peel

4. Apple and spoon race

Start line - if drop must use spoon to pick up.

5. Apple Plum Pudding

Tag game. One person is 'it' - all hold person who calls out apple, plum, banana pie etc - if let go then become 'it' - must let go when calls apple plum pudding - 'it' chases to catch - that person becomes 'it'.

6. Apple and tunnel

Over head under legs. Last person to front. If dropped restart.

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