7 Oct 2011

Two apple events coming up - and pumpkins!

Apple 1. The Brookthorpe day this weekend was apparently by invitation only but Painswick are having an apple day on Saturday, so are Westbury Court Gardens across the Severn and Highfield Nurseries so still plenty to see!

Apple 2. Join us at Humphreys End Orchard, Randwick near More Hall Convent and the new allotments on Saturday 29th October 1.30pm to 4pm subject to apples still being around! This will be an “Apple Pressing” event for residents of the Parish and will be part of the Parish Autumn Fun Day which includes other events - see below. Pick your own apples - but please walk as there is very limited parking available: bags can be picked up later. Carrier bags £2.50 (bring own) and larger sacks £5.50 (provided). You can also take part in juicing your apples (bring containers) and apple games organised by me with help from the Common Ground book (see photo) will start about 3pm for young and old. There will also be information about the varieties of apples in the orchard.

Pumpkin trail. Click on the poster to see details of the trail and Halloween Party.

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