27 Oct 2011

Occupy movement spreads

More than 1,000 cities across the world have joined in the #Occupy movement sparked off by Occupy Wall Street. They are united by common tactics and the common slogan, 'We are the 99%' - brought together by a knowing of the injustice and unsustainability of the global economic system....yet at the same time amongst the protesters are many different voices - but my next blog on tax evasion I am sure would have support from all present.

Saturday 15th October saw occupations take place all over the UK. The biggest and most headline-grabbing is the 'Occupy The Stock Exchange' - several hundred people camped outside St Paul's Cathedral. The unexpected charity from the Church has meant that the protesters have been able to camp up relatively unmolested on the steps of St Pauls Cathedral. However now as we heard in the news that St Pauls may reopen with the protest still in place - see here. disorder.”  See Stroud Green Party's Parliamentary spokesperson, Martin Whitesides' comments after his visit to to St Pauls, here.

Caroline Lucas MP commented earlier in the week after a visit: "As awareness increases of the injustice and unsustainability of the global economic system,  more and more people are taking to the streets in opposition. The camp that has been set up a stone's throw from London Stock Exchange is an opportunity to explore a different kind of future to the one the mainstream political parties have constructed. The authorities must respect the right to peaceful protest. If they have any sense, they will also start to listen to the voices of those ordinary - and extraordinary people - who want to invest in a greener, fairer future rather than the stocks-and-shares house of sand that sustains corporate capitalism."

Around the world there are many reports of the protest - sadly like in Rome not all has gone well - see this video of police firing into people helping an injured protester in Oakland. Meanwhile a group of well over 100 prominent authors including Salman Rushdie, Neil Gaiman and Pulitzer prize-winning novelists Jennifer Egan and Michael Cunningham signed an online petition declaring their support for "Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movement around the world".

Green MEP for London, Jean Lambert, issued the following statement on the Occupy London Stock Exchange protest: “The vast majority of people demonstrating over the last few days want to take part in a peaceful protest to voice their concerns about corporate greed and growing inequality, both at home and around the world.  I wholeheartedly support their calls for an end to global tax injustice, independent regulation of the banking industry and concrete action to repair and protect crucial public services.  Indeed, these are principles that many would support. With unemployment now at its highest level for almost twenty years and the financial system in crisis, it is no wonder that so many people feel betrayed and let down by the governments and the financial sector.  The system has, for far too long, been unaccountable and irresponsible and now we are all paying a heavy price.  I hope that the UK Government listens to the messages of discontent being aired and realise that the public demand positive change."

For updates from the site see www.occupylsx.org

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