1 Oct 2011

EU report calls for better waste management

Recent protest against incinerator at Javelin Park - see here
It was great to see a new EU report out v recently. It is clear in their roadmap that seems to fly in the face of our County Council's plans for an incinerator locally.

As the report shows: "Each year in the European Union we throw away 2.7 billion tonnes of waste, 98 million tonnes of which is hazardous. On average only 40% of our solid waste is re-used or recycled, the rest going to landfill or incineration. Overall waste generation is stable in the EU, however, generation of some waste streams like construction and demolition waste, to sewage sludge and marine litter is still increasing. Waste electrical and electronic equipment alone is expected to increase by roughly 11% between 2008 and 2014. In some Member States more than 80% of waste is recycled, indicating the possibilities of using waste as one of the EU’s key resources. Improving waste management makes better use of resources and can open up new markets and jobs, as well as encourage less dependence on imports of raw materials and lower impacts on the environment."
"Milestone: By 2020, waste is managed as a resource. Waste generated per capita is in absolute decline. Recycling and re-use of waste are economically attractive options for public and private actors due to widespread separate collection and the development of functional markets for secondary raw materials. More materials, including materials having a significant impact on the environment and critical raw materials, are recycled. Waste legislation is fully implemented. Illegal shipments of waste have been eradicated. Energy recovery is limited to non recyclable materials, landfilling is virtually eliminated and high quality recycling is ensured. That is we need to go to the 70% recycling, 25% energy recovery and only landfill 5% which as been made inert."

We also need to make sure than Energy recovery is far more efficient that the mass burn incinerators we have today. See report at: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/resource_efficiency/pdf/com2011_571.pdf

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