3 Sep 2011

Wood fuel project today!

Well I've had dire internet access so haven't been able to blog - it is still bad - not sure reasons and haven't had time to check out but have in last week or so had all sorts of meetings - I wont bore you with the details here at the mo....

......planning apple juicing on 29th Oct locally with apple games, another re a video project, our monthly Green party councillors planning meeting, another re the canal, one about the Council's Energy Strategy draft plus a policy panel with tenants and councillors last week on how our Council housing is funded....you see I imagine your eyes are glazing over.....

Today I am just back from a working party at the allotment doing paths and a great shared meal....want to share some of those recipes on this blog in the future...

......but this morning it was the Randwick woodfuel project - I started this a while back - basically folk work for 3 to 4 hours conservation with the National Trust in return for cords of wood....you can see our film earlier this year: "12 Go into the Woods with Loppers":
Anyhow these photos here are all from today - the Belted Galloways were wonderfully friendly and trying to eat the brash before it got burnt. I am aching all over after the work then filling the car, unloading and taking it all through the house to the back garden....it will be another day before I chop it up. We have around 30 people now on our lists for the group but can only take 12 each time but hopefully that means everyone gets at least two chances this winter. 

We were also joined by three from Whiteshill who are interested in doing a similar project there....it does seem to work very well - I am hoping we can make it more social with some food cooked on occasions. There has also been interest from further afield - the National Trust even invited me to their annual conference as one of the volunteer representatives but sadly I am already committed that weekend to another project.

See lots of other details about the Woodfuel projects in Hawkwood here.

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