25 Sep 2011

Video: Stroud Against The Cuts 'Save Our NHS' march

My last blog covered the press release of the march today. Below here is the video I've put together - it was hard to keep it to under 10 minutes as I had a fair bit of footage of speeches - and the speeched were all really great - indeed hard to find the good bits as they were all good - my little digital camera's speaker is no match for crowded noisy demos and predictably my battery and memory card both ran out so I missed some good bits.....particularly the mention of Labours' role in the moves towards privatisation.

Anyhow it is a taster of the march and speeches for those who missed it.... a great atmosphere and filled with some hope that we can stop this ridiculous move to a social enterprise.

Link to video: http://youtu.be/g7s0vTzuNeA

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