10 Sep 2011

Ruscombe Green: votes 13 in top green authors blogs

The top 20 authors of green blogs as voted by folk in the Total Politics poll - this is a new category and chuffed to be in the top 20 - better still as the next blog shows I am up to seventh place from 10th in the top Green blogs:
Peter McColl
Derek Wall
Eoin Clarke
John Nichols
Caroline Lucas
Maggie Chapman
Stephen Wood
8   Rupert Read
Elliot Folan
10  Jason Kitcat
11  Martin O’Beirne
12  Stuart Jeffrey
13  Phillip Booth
14  Molly Scott Cato
15  Viridis Lumen
16  Natalie Bennett
17  DocRichard
18  Jonathan Kent 
= 19  Jenny Jones
= 19  Nishma Doshi


Martin O'Beirne said...

What is it with us stroudies and green blogs! Congratulations to you!

Philip Booth said...

I forget you are an ex-Stroudie or maybe once a Stroudie always a Stroudie? I will update the other blog with a mention!

Martin O'Beirne said...

Thanks Philip, i'm in the process of adding more links to theecosocialist too. Yep once a Stroudie always a Stroudie, something about those hills! I'm trying to find my way back, would love to move back home to Uplands one day and support the green candidate there. Best wishes. Martin.

Incidentally, I would like to write an article "Stroud the most 'ecosocialist' town in the UK" or similar, would be great to do it as an interview if you ever have any spare time. Cheers!

Philip Booth said...

After October I have a bit more space - rather alot of projects being juggled at the mo - talk then?

Martin said...

Great! Thanks so much, look forward to it! Should be interesting