5 Sep 2011

Open Homes: free courses in energy efficiency in Stroud

On the weekend of 10th and 11th September will be the 4th Eco-renovation Open Homes which I am helping organise. As I've reported before over 20 homes will be opening their doors to welcome members of the public who want to add renewables and improve the energy efficiency of their homes. This year we will have a wide range of different measures including wood pellet boilers, green roofs, PV, LED lighting, solar thermal and both internal and external insulation.

The event includes a fair in Stratford Park on the Saturday where, along with the Festival of Nature, there will be a number of renewable energy installers. There is also a minibus tour (bookings cost £5, email Helen on helenroyall(at)lineone.net), a guided walk on the Saturday (bookings cost £3.50, phone Debbie on 01453 756955).

The event is run by volunteers and there is free entry to the homes and the fair - plus we have free workshops over the weekend on green roofs, feed-in tariffs and LED lighting.  More about the weekend at: www.stroudopenhomes.org.uk/

Plus we have a series of free Autumn workshops. Transition Stroud in partnership with Wood U Waste and Stroud College have established the free workshops at Stroud College:

·       How to minimise your current energy costs
Wednesday 21st September 7pm to 9pm

·       How to conserve energy – all the options
Tuesday 4th October 7pm to 9pm

·       Energy Efficient Heating  all the options
 Wednesday 2nd November 7pm to 9pm

·       Renewable Energy: Heat and Power options
Thursday 1st December 7pm to 9pm

Click on Read More below to see full details. To book one or more lectures ring Stroud College 01453 761126. For more information contact Dave Judd: energytransitions@hotmail.co.uk

Please look at the website at www.stroudopenhomes.org.uk/ and we are on Facebook.

Green Lifestyle Evening Lectures

“Transition Stroud” is a group of volunteers working to inform the local community on the different actions each of us can take to respond positively to the challenges of climate change and declining energy supplies. Many residents in Stroud District feel they do not have access to the information they need to best reduce their energy costs and help the planet.  To assist in this Transition Stroud, working in partnership with local charity “Wood U Waste” will be running a series of workshops, hosted by Stroud College, whose purpose is:

To provide you with practical unbiased information and guidance on minimising your current energy costs and improving the energy efficiency of your home - including incorporating renewable energy into your home

This will be delivered through four two hour workshops
    • Getting the best deals: minimising your current energy costs
    • Insulation & Airtightness Options,
    • Efficient Heating Options
    • Renewable Energy Options,

Summary: The first, introductory workshop will be run by Debbie Hewitt from Wood U Waste and will focus on how you can get the best deal from energy providers  - and if you need to how you can access help and support to minimise your household’s energy costs.  The remaining workshops will be run by Dave Judd from Transition Stroud. Each of his workshops will be divided into two parts.  The first part takes an overview and will cover all of the options available, as well as outlining the pros and cons of each.  The second part will look a little deeper at each option, with a focus on practical and technical implementation.  Participants are invited to stay for just the first part of the session or both parts – your choice.  You are welcome to come for just one session or as many as you like.

Workshop 1: Getting the Best Deals: Minimising Your Current Energy Costs
Date: Wednesday 21st September 19:00-21:00
Tutor Debbie Hewitt
Course code: X2FX-AUAST
Information covered includes how to get the best deal from energy companies, fuel switching, dealing with fuel debt and general energy efficiency advice and grants available both locally and nationally.
It would be very helpful if you could bring some recent gas and electricity bills with you. This will enable you to go on-line during the second part of the session to work with your own information to research the best deals available.
The Energy Best Deal session presentation will last about forty five minutes. There will then be a coffee break and we will reconvene afterwards to discuss further and go on-line as a group, or individually, to access fuel-switch sites and gather useful information.

Workshop 2: Insulation & Airtightness
Date: Tuesday 4th October 19:00-21:00
Tutor Dave Judd
Course code: X2HN-AUST
Part 1 - The focus of this session will be energy conservation, and looks at the range of retrofit insulation and draught proofing options that can help to reduce the energy demand of your home.  The session will cover cavity wall and loft insulation, insulating solid walls (internally and externally), insulating solid and suspended floors, as well sloping ceilings and roofs.  A range of draught-proofing and airtightness measures will also be covered, from the very basic, such as dealing with poorly fitted doors, to more complex options, such as installing airtightness membranes. 
Part 2 will cover practical and technical considerations associated with some of the options covered in the first session, including the types of products / systems available, basic installation procedures (including what’s DIY’able), costs and financial incentive schemes, such as the Green Deal.

Workshop 3: Energy Efficient & Low Carbon Heating Systems
Date: Wednesday 2nd November 19:00-21:00
Tutor Dave Judd
Course code: X2NJ-AUST
Part 1 - The focus of this session will be on low carbon and energy efficient heating for the home.  After outlining the principles of “low carbon” and “energy” efficiency (not the same thing), it will cover the different types of heating system available, including both conventional and renewable heating systems, as well as focussing upon heating controls.  
Part 2 will cover practical and technical considerations of the options outlined in the first session, including the types of systems / products available, installation procedures, potential costs and financial incentives.

Workshop 4: Renewable Energy: Heat & Power
Date: Thursday 1st December 19:00-21:00
Tutor Dave Judd
Course code: X2NT-AUST

Part 1 - The focus of this session will be upon the range of renewable energy options available to heat and power our homes.  The aim will be to outline the working principles of each technology, in order to help you decide which option (if any) is most appropriate for you.  The session will cover solar water heating, solar photovoltaics, wind power, heat pumps (ground, air and water) and biomass heating.
Part 2 will cover practical and technical considerations associated with the options outlined in the first session, including types of systems and products available, typical installation procedures, potential costs, financial incentives (feed-in-tariffs & Renewable Heat Incentive) and the DIY potential.

Dave Judd. Dave is a co-founder of Transition Stroud.  He believes strongly in the need for a well managed and equitable transition to a low energy and carbon future, as part of a wider shift toward sustainability. Dave has a BSc in Environmental Science and an MSc in Architecture: Advanced Environment & Energy Studies, as well as extensive knowledge and practical experience in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the built environment.  He is well placed to provide current, unbiased and appropriate advice to households considering their own “energy transition”.

Debbie Hewitt. Debbie runs a local fuel poverty charity called Wood U Waste providing a free supply of wooden sawdust briquettes to the most needy and vulnerable in the Stroud District. Wood U Waste is also a training delivery partner for the Energy Best Deal project, a national initiative advising householders how to minimise their energy costs and signposting them to any further help they may need.

Venue:  Stroud College

Booking:  Ring Stroud College 01453 761126 to book on the workshop you want – ideally giving the course code for that workshop (see above). Alternatively email enquire@stroudcol.ac.uk   You are welcome to come to as many workshops as you want.

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