17 Sep 2011

On benefit? You can help stop privatisation of NHS

In Gloucestershire the primary care trust services will move to a social enterprise company on 1st October. Many people in the county believe this is wrong and not enough time has been given to ensuring a robust setup which can endure the fully privatised competition in a few years time. This transfer could very well lead to full privatisation of NHS services in Gloucestershire.

Solicitors and a barrister have been reviewing the case and have found that it maybe that NHS Gloucestershire have not abided by the law in the process. I understand they are confident of a review which would (at the very least, temporarily) halt the process.  However campaigners cannot afford to proceed without legal aid - only big business can afford to take on big business.

If you live in Gloucestershire and are in receipt of pension credit or income support or if you are on other benefits because you have a low income and you wish to help start a review which could prevent these services leaving, please call Hannah on 077 906 88473. It is vital this happens this weekend. You also need to use one  of the local hospitals or clinics regularly or have attended very recently. This would not be for things like seeing a consultant (these are contracted in from the 'acute' trust). It may be for things like Podiatric Surgery, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, A stay on a ward, Orthotist, District nursing, Rehabilitation, Speech Therapy, School nurses, Family Planning, Falls service and Podiatry.

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