23 Sep 2011

Grand Designs Live in Birmingham

Last night as noted in the last blog it was Full Council and more of that in a while but wanted to plug Grand Designs Live which is returning to Birmingham for its 6th year. The show is running from the 7th-9th October and is set to be bigger and better than ever with over 500 exhibitors and workshops and talks. 

As a green blogger and organiser of the Eco-Renovation open Homes event I have been invited to the press opening - sadly work and family commitments mean I can't go - a great pity indeed as by all accounts it is a good place to get ideas - indeed buzzing with them - although there also looks set to be some very ungreen ideas and evermore consumerism...if you go I am sure it is possible to search out the greener options...

One feature of interest is ‘Kevin’s Green Heroes’ - Kevin McCloud, who was in Stroud last night at the Ecotricity event, celebrating refurbishment, reclamation and new projects in Stroud....anyhow Kevin is still moving ahead the exciting project at the Cashes Green Hospital site. He also helped launch the Eco-Renovation Open Homes event (see left) last year and opened the Hamwell Leaze Boardwalk - this is still underused and too little known about - go and see it and walk it!!! See my brief film of opening here. Anyhow for the second year at Grand Designs Kevin is celebrating green design hereos: "a showcase and launch pad for a host of new products, eco-products and technologies, that aim to improve housing and our way of living in future, ensuring government home efficiency targets are met. This year’s pick includes flat pack chairs held together by recycled elastic bands and home accessories made from recycled car tyres." 

One item that took my interest was 'Resilica' - a worktop and surface material which is hand made in the UK from 100% recycled glass waste - produced using solvent free resin. The water used in the manufacturing process is recycled where possible with the process itself a ‘cold’ one, with minimal imbued energy. Every piece of Resilica is cast to order to minimize manufacturing waste and is manufactured entirely and exclusively in its UK factory thus minimising the carbon footprint.

See more at: http://www.granddesignslive.com/

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